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24 Hours a Day Locksmith Service

No one can ever say when exactly you may face the problems of lost or damaged car key. However, anyone with a little knowledge about such thing can come up […]

10 Creative Ideas for Small Businesses

So you want to start a small business but don’t know where to begin? There are a few things you should consider before deciding upon what business would be a […]

3 Quick Tips to Improve Cashflow in Your Private Practice

When I talk with therapists about the daily operations of their practices, we often find that there are small adjustments they can make immediately to improve their work processes. One […]

3 Great Ways iPads Help Improve PT Clinics

The introduction of the iPad in April 2010 has helped revolutionize the way healthcare professionals perform their daily tasks. Allowing for mobility, easier access to online physical therapy software programs, […]

10 Reasons Your SBA Loan May Be Declined

Owning and operating your own business is very much a part of the American Dream. Not everyone is qualified to live this dream but to help qualified buyers, the US […]

3 Sources For Quick Sales To Start Your New Year Strong

If you want to start your new year strong – you will need sales in this quarter to set you up for the rest of the year. This means you […]

11 Small Business Trends for 2012

Each year I write an article focused on trend for the coming year. I am writing this one a little earlier this year, September vs. December, so we as small […]

10 Easy Ways You Need To Know To Grow A Business

How many months have you been investing in your business to see no results? Here’s the interesting thing I’ve learned from being in business and coaching other small businesses to […]

11 Resolutions for Business Growth in 2011

If you’re operating budget or your marketing plan looks like it did five years ago, two years ago or even last year, there’s a problem. With every advancement in technology, […]

10 Simple Strategies to Increase Referrals and Increase Sales To Your Business

Step 1: Change Your Mindset on Referrals First of all, let’s clear out some cow webs from your thinking about referrals before we dig into creating a system for getting […]