35 Ways to Get New Clients

Something I hear quite often is, “Livvie, clients are not coming in consistently. What can I do to get more clients?”

Rather than answer with just one thing, I’m going to list several ways. As you read this list, instead of focusing on getting a lot more clients/patients at a time, concentrate on using these for bringing in one new client/patient at a time and then consistently repeat the process over and over for generating more new clients/patients.

  1. Focus on your mission. Why you want to do what you are doing
  2. Get very clear on your marketing message and share with your market
  3. Know what makes you and your services/products unique and convey that to your market
  4. Define/Know exactly who your Ideal Clients/patients are
  5. Always over deliver
  6. Deliver before it’s expected
  7. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! Follow up (critical) within 24 -48 hours
  8. Send your clients cards or even gifts for birthday, holiday, thinking of you, etc
  9. Join networking groups that compliment your business
  10. Create your own focus groups
  11. Make it a priority to build your mailing list
  12. Create or makeover your website/blog making sure it’s a “Client Magnet” website – easy to navigate, contains value filled content, and builds relationships instantly
  13. Create or remake your Client Magnet business card for drawing your market to you
  14. Use your email signature for sharing your value proposition and to get opt-ins
  15. Start a Blog
  16. Write Guest Blog posts
  17. Focus on building relationships, not making the sale
  18. Find out what your target market really wants. Create a survey and then give them what they want
  19. Start doing your presentations
  20. Hold your own Teleseminars
  21. Create our own Webinars
  22. Record your own podcasts
  23. Interview leaders in your field for teleseminars/webinars/podcasts
  24. Create packages and products from what you already know
  25. Create some specific client focused workshops
  26. Offer discounts for fast action or full payment
  27. Write content rich articles and post to article sites
  28. Automate your marketing for getting clients while you sleep
  29. Create a free autoresponder series for collecting ideal clients name and email address
  30. Start sending a newsletter (ezine)
  31. Ask for and use testimonials
  32. If you have a business telephone utilize “On Hold Messages” to educate about callers about the value you provide
  33. Always ask for feedback from those your work with
  34. Let people know you are taking new clients and always ask for referrals
  35. You don’t get results from things you don’t implement. Take massive action, tweak if need be, and take more massive action!

These are just 35 ways to help you get started. Being seen as a problem solver and client focused are two of the main elements needed when determining ways to be client attractive!

Your Simple Action Step:

Start with implementing 5 of these items and when those are in place, implement 5 more. Continue doing this until you have implemented all 35. Let me know your progress!!

Want to know more? I’m Livvie Matthews, a Client Attraction Coach and retired 30+ year Dental Business Office Professional. I provide solutions for self employed women and small business owners, just like you, who struggle with getting your message out, marketing more effectively, and would like to get more clients/patients consistently for increasing your income. I’m passionate about helping you learn to draw more clients/patients into your space using the incredible power of Social Media and Online Marketing. Click to receive my step x step Free 8 Day Social Media eCourse
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