3 Sources For Quick Sales To Start Your New Year Strong

If you want to start your new year strong – you will need sales in this quarter to set you up for the rest of the year.

This means you need to go after the easiest and quickest sources of buying customers.

Here are 3 sources that will give you the quickest and easiest sales – to boost your cash flow, and start your new year strong.

1. Previous customers

Your previous customers have a 50 – 80% chance of buying from you again.

Now is the time to contact them to see if they are in need for more of your products or services.

Here is a good strategy:

  • Make a list of 25 previous customers most likely to buy from you again.
  • Contact them all and make an appointment to meet or speak with them.
  • Design an irresistible offer that they will not refuse.
  • Give them your irresistible offer.
  • Take the check to the bank – with a smile on your face.

My affiliates and I followed this strategy and made an extra $15,000 in a few weeks!

2. Previous prospects (people who previously said no to your offer)

97% of consumers are not ready to buy right now – but they will buy at some point.

It is time to go back and see if these previous prospects are ready to purchase your products or services.

Here is a good strategy:

  • Make a list of previous prospects that said no because they were not ready.
  • Contact them and make an appointment to meet with them. (or send them an email/ talk over the phone).
  • Design an irresistible offer they cannot refuse.
  • Give them your offer.
  • Welcome your new customers into your buying family.

3. Current Customers

50% of customers will buy additional products and services if they are asked at the time they purchase (McD’s – “would you like to supersize that?”).

They will also buy from you again at other times because you made the suggestion.

It’s time to offer more products and services, train ourselves and our salespeople to ask, and provide our customers with more options to buy.

Here is a good strategy:

  • Make a list of items that will go well with other products or services (i.e.: accessories, etc.).
  • Write a script that you and your sales people can use when you make a sale.
  • Ask the customer if they want additional products or services.
  • If they say yes, celebrate – and add up the dough.

There you have it. If you put these three strategies to work in the first few months of the year – you will have a lot more money coming in to set you up for an amazing year.

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