3 Simple Steps to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Business

How do you like to deal with rejection in your business? Do people say or do things out there that “hurt” your feelings? How do you react when people get off your list, criticize your marketing style, decline your invitations, etc? Do you feel devastated and then want to hide or run for the hills saying to yourself, “I am not meant to be in business, anyway!?”

Well, how would you like for that experience to be different? Here are the 3, simple steps I keep reminding myself to take over and over again whenever situations such as this arise:

Step #1 – Educate your followers: Let your followers know how you work, your style, so that they can respond to you accordingly. For instance, I’ve had people who are not familiar with online marketing say to me, “Your webpage is too long,” or “You send too many emails!” In this journey, you’ll find out that a lot of people have a lot of opinions as to how you should run your business. For what purpose? Because it distracts them from focusing on what THEY need to do for their marketing. Besides, they just don’t know!

First of all, long web pages gives every different kind of buyer a chance to get what he wants. It provides information to the quick decision making types as well as to the ones who needs to know every single detail in the book to feel good when investing. The same thing with email marketing; studies have shown that people need to be reminded. More sign ups or sales come through emails sent closest to the deadlines, as we know there are plenty of people who like to wait until the last minute to take action.

Step #2 Look for the gift: There are gifts in every situation, circumstance or interaction with people; especially the ones you’re a bit more sensitive about – OK, the ones that push your buttons! Do yourself a favor and move into a place of being open to learn. In this case, ask yourself, “What is the gift I am here to receive from this critical person?” and “What is the gift I am here to give to this person?” With love and compassion, look for the learning and move on. Nothing others do is about you anyway.

Step #3 Follow your unique energy signature strategy: We all possess different energy frequencies/patterns that either match others or not. In the Human Design System, we call that “types,” and every type has a corresponding unique behavior and decision making strategy. For example, manifestors are designed to indicate, Manifesting generators to wait to respond and to inform, Generators to wait to respond, Projectors to wait to be invited and Reflectors to wait for 28 days.

When you know your energy signature and follow your strategy, you show up in the world in a powerful way. As a result, rejection becomes a thing of the past. As writer Ron Gourlart says, “Never assume that a rejection of your stuff is also a rejection of you as a person.” Bottom line is: don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember, nothing others do is about you anyway.

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