3 Secrets to A Successful Schedule For Small Business Owners

An entrepreneurs day is filled with 1,243 different tasks to do. Each day the task list changes and each day seems different then the next. The schedule of the entrepreneur is constantly changing which makes it difficult if not impossible to get anything done.

Mastering a daily schedule maybe the single greatest challenge in business today. The more repeatable a schedule can be the more money your business will make and the less stress you will feel.

With the goal of having more money, more time, and less stress discovering the secrets to having a successful schedule have extreme benefits to the entrepreneur. After helping over 20,000 entrepreneurs accomplish their goals these 3 secrets have stood out from the hundreds of tips that I have gathered over the years.

  1. Getting it right 100% is not realistic. Entrepreneurs can be perfectionists. Each one of us believes “no one can do it better than me”. This kind of attitude leads us to want to get a new task, challenge, or problem 100% right. Schedules are never going to be 100% correct and the same. The best any entrepreneur can hope for is 80% correct. Don’t set yourself up for failure by believing that you have to get your schedule 100% correct.
  2. Mornings are the most productive time for 99.99% of all entrepreneurs. Countless number of entrepreneurs have told me that they “aren’t morning people” yet they couldn’t get their work done in the afternoon. Mornings should be for money making activity. Regardless of your business your mornings will be the most productive. Getting 1,2, or even 3 hours of money making activity will increase your sales very quickly for your business.
  3. Saying No is more important than saying yes. Having a schedule that is repeatable means saying no to certain requests. It may mean asking an employee to bring the issue they have up to you in the afternoon. Saying no may mean you can’t have coffee with a friend on Tuesday’s because they are always late and always take more time than you both agreed to. Some people will even say you are rude because you stick to a schedule. Rest assured that saying no to requests makes the times when you say yes that much more valuable.

Schedule mastery for entrepreneurs is a process. Getting it right even 80% of the time will not happen overnight. It takes laser like focus to get your schedule right and support from those who share your vision.

The first step to getting your schedule right is to share with those closest to you what your “new” schedule is going to be and getting their support. They may not like it at first however long term they will appreciate you for your dedication.

When you would like help figuring out the schedule that is best for your business, your situation, and your goals I would invite you to spend a free 15 minutes with me on the phone. You can get a private one on one with me at

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