3 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Your First Business Credit Card

Keeping your personal and business finances separate is a very good idea especially if you use a credit card to pay for gas, stationary and other essentials that may be needed. The reason for keeping things separate is when it comes to doing your monthly, quarterly, or yearly accounts it makes it so much easier to distinguish business from personal use. That is why getting a business credit card is extremely important for any company. It is important follow this check list when you are ready to apply for a credit card.

1. Search for the right card for you

Shop around, do not go with the first company you find on the internet. The reasons are simple, first identify what you will be using the card for the most. Is it for gas, food, supplies, and how much will you be spending. Then look for a card suited to your needs, for example if you are a frequent flyer then a card that gives you air miles and discounts for world wide usage is right for you. Many cards will come with some kind of offer. Be careful as a lot of companies who offer low introductory rates and will usually charge extremely high interest rates after a certain period.

2. Sort out your paper work

You will need to gather all your business information to submit to the credit card company. What they will need to see will depend on what sort of card you need. Be prepared to give accounts, tax id, business address, how many years you have been in business, proof of ownership, bank details, and what type of business you are ( sole trader, partnership, LTD ).

3. Applying for the card

There are three ways you can apply, firstly through the website, or you can request an application through the post and lastly over the phone. If you have any questions then applying over the phone is one of the best ways.

Make sure you spend some time searching the internet and finding any reviews on the companies you have chosen, doing this will ensure you get the best deal.

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