3 New Small Business Ideas For 2013 – How To Start For Under $100 Each

Yes, it’s true! You really can start your own small business right from home, in just a couple of days for under $100. And in some cases you could be started in just a couple of hours or even just a few minutes.

Just Wait Until You See How Easy It Can Be!!

There will be 3, no scratch that 4 unique small business ideas presented here. I decided to show you the single best long term business idea (that my wife actually does as well) as the BONUS business idea. I was going to save it for another article but decided to let you discover it here as an extra bonus.

Each business idea will be given in brief overview format, but should contain enough information so that you can get started

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#1 Become A Local Business Booster Hero!

The idea is very simple. What do all business owners want from their businesses?

More money.

So, you are just going to help other businesses make more money.

Here’s how you do that.

You make deals with local businesses like Restaurants, Dentists or even Car Dealers that they will pay you to deliver leads to them.

Don’t worry doing it will be easy!

you’re just going to give every business you deal with exactly what they really want, which is more customers. Once you have delivered the leads for even just a short amount of time you will become their hero. You will be the one who they always take your calls. Why? Because people like you a whole lot when you make them money. How you do that is by sending them more customers.

All businesses want more customers because more customers = more money.

As an example: Dentists will pay you $25 per phone call when you get their phone ringing with people who need dental services. A Pizza Parlor will pay you $5 for every person who calls in and orders a pizza.

It’s much better for the business to pay you when their phone rings than to pay for huge advertising and nothing happens. Businesses routinely pay thousands in advertising in the hopes that they may get some new customers from it and most of the time they see very poor results. But with your service they don’t pay until the phone rings with a potential customer so it’s very cost effective for them.

You have your local business clients print you coupons with really great deals on them. B.O.G.O offers tend to work really well. They are offers where you Buy One Get One free or 1/2 off etc… Everyone loves a pizza coupon where you buy one large pizza and get a 2nd large pizza free. If it’s a dentist maybe they give 50% off initial cleaning and exam or a family deal where the 2nd person gets their cleaning and exam free. Anyway, those are the TYPE of coupons that work best.

They print them with your callfire.com phone number in them. Call fire is an internet telephony company that will give you a phone number to put into each businesses coupon and they will re-route the call to that business, track the call and give you an itemized printout that you can use to bill the business (your client) with. We have no affiliation with call fire whatsoever, they just work well and are really cheap.

When You hand out the free coupons with huge discounts on them you can staple many businesses together and make a mini coupon book. That way you’re handing out several coupons to each person.

Each offer will pay you differently. Like a Dentist might pay $25, a sit down medium priced restaurant $7, a florist $3 and a Pizza parlor $5

So, how can you get these in people’s hands?

This is only limited by your imagination, but here are just a couple of examples:

1. Handing them out at colleges and sports games as people are leaving.

2. Get plastic door hanger bags that only cost about 1 cent each in quantity and hang them on doors.

3. Thumbtack 5-10 to community post boards at grocery stores etc…

4. Post them on College info boards. Nearly all schools have info boards where people post their band fliers or I lost my dog notices etc..

There are hundreds of ways you could come up with if you just sit and brain storm for a few minutes.

Call Fire will count up all the calls that went to each business and you just bill them your agreed amount per call at the end of the month.

As you can see this is a super simple business that anyone can start in just a couple of days with under $100. And you can scale it up by hiring other people to distribute the coupons.

And your next business is…

Business #2 The Deal Hunter

With your Deal Hunter biz you simply shop super sales in your area.

Find items at 75% off and sell them on Craigslist or eBay at 50% off which doubles your money.

For this one you would need to live in a decent sized town or city.

There is always some store that is having a huge sale or going out of business. To find them look at your local newspaper, online newspaper or Google your town name + sale or + going out of business, you should find plenty.

You then shop them and pick up items at 75% off or more that you like and know would sell well on Craigslist or eBay at 50% off retail. If you like the item then you know other people will too and it will sell well. If it’s a really hot item you can buy several and as soon one sells list the next one.

This business model is good if you just want to work part time. In the final bonus business you will discover a model with massive full time potential.

The next business idea is…

Business #3 The Auction Hound

In your Auction Hound business you will simply go to prepaid bid online auction sites for your merchandise instead of shopping sales in the Deal Hunter above.

These are sites like quibids.com where you buy the bids before you bid on items.

In this way you will be able to get very good deals on truly hot items.

I won’t explain all of their rules in this article but the deals you can pick up at auction sites like quibids have real potential.

Then once you have these deals in hand you simply list them on eBay and Craigslist.

If you do your bidding correctly and really learn the system you should be able to sell your items at the same price as the cheapest resellers on eBay and still make decent money.

NOW for your surprise bonus, saving the VERY BEST for last…

Business #4 The Online Price Buster!

With your price buster business I will show you where you can get an insanely valuable report dirt cheap. In it you will discover how to find all the very best wholesale vendors for nearly any item you could ever dream of selling.

The real value of this is you won’t just get an old outdated suppliers list that lots of other people have.

No, no, no!

Instead, YOU will discover the insider method of how to instantly find rock bottom price wholesaler’s so you can watch your profits soar!

You see, lists get old and outdated. BUT, once you discover the secret to uncovering incredible wholesale connections in mere seconds you become an unstoppable business force!

Plus, when new products are launched by big companies you can jump on them super fast and profit quickly! Then you list them on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon (yes you can sell on Amazon too!)

Here’s how fast you can react with this system.

You can see a new product launch in the news, find a wholesaler in seconds and have your listings up on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon etc.. all in under an hour.

But ONLY when you know the secret…

To discover the secret to locating rock bottom priced wholesalers at will click here:
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Your report wont just give you an old out of date list. Instead you will be given the ability to uncover the exact wholesaler you need with the best price in seconds any time you want. Even if it is 3AM and you’re in your Pajamas. If the link above doesn’t work just copy and paste this into your browser:

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