3 Motivation Tips for Small Business Leaders

3 Motivation Tips

Some people say they can motivate their employees. Others say that you can’t motivate someone else – it has to come from within the individual. I’m sure you’ve heard “if they want to pay me to motivate employees, they hired the wrong person.” I’ve heard it, and yes, they have hired the wrong person.

Some leaders have trouble seeing the reasons for a lack of motivation. Here are just a few that tell you there is a problem with your team:

1. Employees aren’t asked for input.

2. People are asking for transfers out of your department – or leaving.

3. One management style for all employees – no matter their talent.

Make sure you understand what gets people’s blood flowing (the top motivators), provide direction and clarity (goals), and ask for input and recommendations (involvement). Let’s focus on these 3 tips in more detail.

Tip 1 – Understand the Top Motivators

The top motivators at work are challenge, accomplishment, and learning something new. Ask yourself if you are providing tough yet doable assignments for your team. The fastest way to lose a star is to have that person believe there is nothing to do other than robotic performance – place a square peg in a square hole.

I will never forget the time I asked a potential employer “what’s the career path for this position?” The company representative responded by saying “come in, do the job. That’s it. There is no career path beyond that.” Who in their right mind would sign up for something like that? In case you were wondering about compensation and benefits – they are well down the list of motivators.

Tip 2 – Use Goals

We all like to measure our performance. Think back to the days of athletic competition when you were swimming, running, or playing baseball. You wanted to know how fast you swam or ran, and how many hits you had. Work is no different. People want to know how they are doing. Employees give their best effort when there is a chance of success, and they have control over the outcome.

Tip 3 – Get Involvement

There was always one question that made me feel valued and important. It was when someone asked me “what do you think we should do?” Personally, I loved when my boss asked me this question. It made me feel that my ideas mattered, and I was more than someone who was there to execute strategy. Use this simple question to your advantage. Along with that question, get your team involved in setting goals, and appraising performance.

You can read book after book on ways to motivate your employees. Stick to these 3 tips, and you’ll have greater success – with less reading time.

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