3 Marketing Tips to Avoid a Sales Letter That Sucks

In today’s age with sexy marketing options ranging from Facebook to Google Pay Per Click the traditional sales letter sometimes gets forgotten. After all with 700+ million people on Facebook and billions of searches performed each month on Google, who wants to send a few 100 sales letters?

While the internet is grabbing the headlines in the media sales letters are still working. For an elite group of entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business owners they bring in fresh new calls and business. With falling mail volumes and increased costs of postage some people are steering away from direct mail and that is what your competition hopes you do. Those who are growing in any market understand that a sales letter is key to a complete marketing strategy.

A good sales letter can work just as well as a great pay per click ad. By sending out a killer sales letter to a targeted group of users you can get the customer who isn’t looking online for help, but truly needs your assistance today. Sadly, most people who start a direct mail campaign get discouraged by dismal results. They grab a template from word under “business letters” and try to “fill in the blanks”on their way to generate business.

To stand out from even the limited competition in the mailbox it is key to make sure that your letter is different. Just like your marketing strategy online, the key is to grab your prospects attention in seconds. Consider these key steps for your next sales letter.

1. Headline – Spending even 80% of your time on a powerful headline would not be time that was wasted. Consider what is most important to your prospects. What is causing them the most pain? What are the fears in their head? When your headline can poke at the fears and pain they have experienced they will continue to read.

2. How easy is it to Read? – Is your sales letter chocked full of text? Does it look like a term paper? Look at your letter quickly and see how quickly someone can get the point of your letter in seconds. Consider putting items such as bullet points, sub-headlines, and even bold words to ensure a prospect can read your letter quickly and easily.

3. Make it Easy to Reach You – Is it easy for someone to tell how they can reach you? Is there a direct line where they can call you? Do you give them a website link that has a form where they can make an instant request? Make it clear and obvious what you want them to do to empower them to take the next step in your sales cycle.

When you want to avoid a sales letter that sucks take time to ensure you have a powerful interest piquing headline, make it easy to read and ensure you make it as easy possible to reach you.

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