3 Great Reasons to Open a Food Truck

The street food movement has gained popularity over the last few years, and if you’ve eaten from one lately you know why. Street food is delicious, (usually) inexpensive, and convenient for the customer. Even television is getting in on the act with programming featuring street vendors in The Great Food Truck Race airing on the Food Network. If you are reading this, then you are probably interested in getting involved by starting a mobile food business of your own. So let’s explore the top 3 reasons why starting a ‘roach coach’ can be a smart and rewarding venture!

A truck can go to where the customers are.

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but really its one of the biggest advantages to operating a food truck. Generally speaking, traditional restaurants can only service residents that are in the surrounding area. As a result, it becomes very dependent on that individual community. Furthermore, there are typically many other competing restaurants in that same area to contend with. With a mobile food business, you are not limited to one neighborhood, you can hit all kinds of different areas, you can setup at community events like festivals or sporting events, attend outdoor foodie events or setup late night outside of night clubs and bars. Simply put, it offers you a lot more flexibility in terms of location and times where you can sell food to customers.

Compared to a standalone restaurant, overhead costs are much lower.

It is much less expensive to setup a food truck vs setting up a new restaurant and all the associated costs that come with it. For example, rent, build-out, and operating costs. Since you are typically paying for more employees and a physical building your overhead costs are just that much higher.

Serving great food that makes customers happy will bring a smile to your face

This is perhaps the most important aspect of running a this kind of business. A good mobile food business can profit around $75-150,000 a year, not a ton of money. But if you are serving food around a concept and menu that you have worked hard to develop and really believe in, while building relationships with the community around you, it will make the undertaking all worthwhile. In addition, food trucks are ripe for marketing via social media. The demographic of customer tends to be a younger, urban crowd, who are very well connected through social media. Building a loyal following through marketing and branding using Twitter and Facebook is free and fun. Food trucks have been an ongoing trend for several years on both the east coast and west coast (and west coast in particular due to their climate) but both coasts have garnered a young and dynamic audience that have embraced food truck and street food offerings as unique, hip and trendy.

In addition, you can find great, helpful information about the food truck industry at [http://www.foodtruckbusinesshq.net]. Food Truck Business Headquarters is a site dedicated to helping people learn about starting a business in the mobile food industry, so read more by visiting here [http://www.foodtruckbusinesshq.net/what-to-look-for-when-buying-a-food-truck/]

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