3 Great Business Ideas With Low Investment Requirements

Do you have big dreams of starting a business but have little money to get it off the ground?

Do you feel that lack of money is the reason you have not started your business yet?

Well, believe it or not there are many businesses you can start that don’t require a lot of capital.

Read further to discover three great business ideas with low investment requirements you can start right from your home.

Start on a Shoestring

What is great about these businesses is that you can start them on a shoe string budget. More and more people today are finding ways to start small businesses just like these with little or no money.

What also makes these businesses great, especially for someone where this is their first business, is that you can start out doing them part-time. Then as the business grows, you can then decide to go all out and do it full-time.

#1 Home Cleaning Service

A home cleaning service is one of the easiest businesses to start. Why? Because you already possess the skills to start this type of business (you clean your home, don’t you?).

A home cleaning service is great for someone who likes things neat and tidy, or someone who is known to be a clean freak at heart.

There is also great demand for home cleaning businesses. In recent years, a rising divorce rate has produced an unprecedented number of working single parent homes, and roughly 15% of the American workforce holds two or more jobs.

And today, as we are living busier lives with little time for even the basic things, like cleaning, it’s no wonder more people are hiring home cleaning services for help around the home.

Not to mention cleaning house is one of the least desirable things people enjoy doing.

Getting started is relative easy. Start up cost is minimal because the supplies you will need you can purchase at any hardware or retail store.

Start Up Cost: less than $500

What You Will Need: business license, cloths, cleaning products, vacuum, duster, broom, bucket and mop, ladder, transportation, phone

#2 Personal Organizer

Do you like organization? Are you always helping others stay tidy? If you so, then being a personal organizer could be the perfect business for you?

What is a personal organizer? According to the National Association of Personal Organizers:

“Personal organizers help people to get rid of the chaos, clutter and confusion in their lives by tackling their bulging closets, overstuffed garages and ceiling high piles of papers.”

Personal organizers bring organization and peace of mind to the lives of their clients.

Just like a home cleaning service, a personal organizing business is in great demand because more people today are living busier and more hectic lives with little time to tackle the most basic essential needs.

As people lives and living spaces become more cluttered, these homeowners and apartment dwellers seek out personal organizers to help them get uncluttered and organized.

Not only is this one of those great business ideas with low investment requirements, but it is also a business you can do part-time.

Then as your business grows, you can decide to go full-time. No specialized skills or knowledge is required, although having organizational and people skills are great traits to possess.

Start Up Cost: less than $500

What You Will Need: business license, computer, a printer, a fax machine

#3 Auto Detailing

If you are passionate about cars, a fanatic about keeping your own car looking show room finish, or enjoy cleaning other people cars, then you should consider an auto detailing business.

Auto detailing is a business that is all about servicing the client and servicing the car. It involves thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.

Auto detailing is a business suited for car enthusiasts, and someone who is hard-working, eager and dedicated.

There are many areas within the auto detailing niche you can specialize. You can focus your business on individual clients and their cars, or you could specialize in preparing cars for cars shows.

You can run your auto detailing business from a fixed location, or you could have a mobile operation where you go to the client and detail their car on the spot.

Although you may have a special knack for cleaning and detailing cars, it is recommended you also invest in developing your skills and knowledge of the auto detailing business.

Continuous education is essential in this business, and keeping your skills sharp is critical to delivering that show room finish that car owners will come to love and expect from you.

New tools and techniques are always being introduced, and you want to stay abreast of them for yourself and your business.

Start Up Cost: less than $1000

What You Will Need:

Cleaning chemicals (auto wax, window, exterior, interior, wheel, tire and carpet cleaners.)

Cleaning tools (vacuum, buffer, towels, window squeegees, buckets, brushes, sponges and plenty of cotton cleaning towels.)

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think? Is having a lack of capital been the reason you have yet to start your own business? Can you think of something you can do as a business that would not cost a lot to get started?

Go ahead. Dream again. Take some time for yourself, go to a quiet place and think about the things you can do that would make a great business. Make a list. You never know. One of those ideas could turn out to be one of those great business ideas with low investment requirements, and just maybe the business you have always dreamed about.

Here’s to your success!

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