3 “Golden Rules” To Writing A How-To Online Publication

I commend you for wanting to research and eventually write and create an online how-to publication – it’s one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made. Although it seems everyone is claiming to be “an expert” online these days, only those who provide tangible proof to back themselves actually have a leg to stand on in this regard.

Maybe the reason you wanted get into writing a how-to online publication is because you have been inspired by other internet marketers? Or maybe you are a savvy writer in the offline world looking to venture into online? And maybe it’s that you know by having a branded piece to back you, you’ll be taken much more seriously by prospective follower or future buyers?

Your positioning is what it is, but regardless of where you reside mentally, we’re going to discuss 3 “Golden rules” to writing a how -to online publication below… I know these Three “Golden Rules” when implemented, could very well be the “game changer” type of tweaks that your online presence was in search for in thriving and surging forward in the “new age” era.

1. If You’re Affiliated With A Company, Always Brand Yourself FirstThis web 3.0 era is about possessing an interactive relationship with an expert. Therefore, just because you may be affiliated with an acclaimed company, doesn’t mean a prospective follower cares! They’re seeking out an expert to follow (you), not another person that is going to unfortunately turn them into a number on the conveyor belt (your company).

2. Only Offer Free Access To Your Publication If Your Prospect Is Willing To Exchange Their Contact Information –The most valuable of currency in today’s economy is information. However, many of us suffer from information overload. If you have something valuable to offer, only grant a prospective lead, customer or client access if they’re willing to reciprocate some value back your way. This allows you to only correspond with a more interested and target lead and potentially interested buyers.

3. Don’t Sell Your Product Or Service, Sell Your Knowledge Of The Topic –Back in the “old age” era, marketing was more about pushing your message out at an interested party. Today and in the “new age”, effective marketing is about utilizing pull marketing, which entails campaigning your message, ultimately attracting more of your ideal and targeted leads, not tire-kickers.

As we come in for a landing on this publication, I can’t stress enough how instrumental these simple, yet highly effective 3 “Golden Rules” to writing a how-to online publication can be in bettering your bottom line, improving and expanding your outreach and aligning your business, product and service with the ideal consumer that wants to do business with you rather than merely window-shop. When you employ these strategies, your business will explode!

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