3 Easy Ways to Make a Residual Income

Now is the time to take a detailed walk through of the entire mind space (OK psychology) of what we are doing and why we are doing things the way we do it.

Three easy ways to make a residual income, will mean absolutely nothing unless we look at the entire basis for why we are doing it in the first place. In other words what are we trying to accomplish. Hold on! I know you think this is a stupid question. You’re probably wondering if I have had to much Christmas Plum Pudding soaked in sherry or something.

No, really what exactly are we trying to accomplish here when we talk about three easy ways to build a residual income. What we are seeing here is your first easy, Number One way to build a residual income; it is to know your WHY.

You see, if we truly understand what we are trying to accomplish, we have a million times better chance to actually get the other two reasons why you want these easy steps to building a residual income. When you think about it, there can be several different options on what your desired results of any income building can be. But if your ‘Why’ has no strength, you have no real reason the other two ways to build a residual income will be worthless.

So what is your ‘Why” why do you want to build a residual income?

“What’s Your WHY?” Is the first of the hidden profit reason for building a residual income. If you’re not clear on WHY you want a residual income…you’ll never hit your true potential.

And this isn’t some new-agey “Secret” type stuff–it’s the core reason your residual business ideas exists…it’s why you started looking in the first place…and it’s why you get up every day and do what you do.

But how often have you really thought about that “WHY”? I mean really thought about it? Do you know it “in your bones”?

If you don’t know your big “WHY” inside and out…you’re losing money! and the novelty of a residual income will ware of very quickly. You’re probably not giving your prospective customers what they really want. And you’re probably not enjoying your business–or your life– as much as you could.

The Danger of the Little “Why”…

Yes, everyone’s big “WHY” is different. For some of us, the “WHY” is “freedom”; for others, it “making the world better”. And for some, it’s just plain old fashioned’ cash–and the toys it buys.

All of those are completely valid “whys”.

Easy way Number Two: Be open to Educating your self with the power of Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing or Direct Sales and the ability to influence others. Successful people are committed to results and unsuccessful people are committed to comfort. The responsibility of being free, is not no responsibility, and having someone else tell us what to do.

Everybody knows what to do but the difference with successful people is the ability to influence yourself and others and be willing to surround yourself with people you want to succeed with. Network marketing, multilevel marketing is the number two of the easiest ways to build a residual income. However the level of your success is determined by the level of uncertainty your prepared to live with. Yes it is about educating your expectations.

With the last Easy way, Number Three, to build a Residual Income. Be prepared to commit yourself to the quality of your financial education. To commit to understanding why our lack of financial education is eating away at our third way of building a residual income. Immediately, when you commit to this step, you will put yourself in a positive cash flow; understanding assets/liabilities, why creating a residual income through Network marketing builds a legitimate business with all the legal tax entitlements that are rightfully yours. Your education, your travel, your expenses…. you see Network marketing is a legitimate legal business.

Commit yourself to these three easy foundation steps and I can assure you your Residual income will be what you truly desire. Pop over and have a look at my web site, would love to hear your progress feed back.

To Your Success

Helene Mearing

Wealth Masters Consultant

Your Small Business Magic.

Helene is a person driven by desire and passion to extend herself into many areas. Her web page [http://www.yoursmallbusinessmagic.com] shows her resource comes from Self Employment, Business Coaching and educating herself in areas of Wealth.

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