3 Days of Small Business – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Developing a Long Lasting Business Mindset

You can spend every day from here to eternity finding words that define small business. Small business can be described as a culture, a tradition, an operation. They all fit.

Apply the who, what, when, where, why and how questions to small business and they open up another window-of-wonder that the dictionary alone just can’t deliver.

The who of small business, the what, the when, the why, the where and the how — discuss those at length with a colleague and you’ll both end up with the equivalent of a college degree. Each question holds its own enchantment… its own intrigue.

Devote some time with me now and we’ll concentrate on the “when” of small business.

Rather than talk about the immediacy of time in practical means such as how long a given project should take or what hours your operation would be open to the public, etc — let’s get creative!

What if we viewed it from a new and refreshing perspective? Using a different field of vision, let’s concentrate it down into three easy-to-digest parts – yesterday, today and tomorrow. With each, there’s a lesson, a summary that we’ve heard for years that can be applied to life generally:

  • Learn from the Past — Yesterday
  • Live in the Present — Today
  • Look Forward — Tomorrow

Using this model and applying it to small business, reveals hidden secrets. Secrets that can lead to making better decisions, a better quality product and a better bottom line. Most of all, secrets that your competition doesn’t know about. Who doesn’t want these things?

Let’s start with the end in mind — tomorrow and looking forward. Assuming that you want to be in business tomorrow, what are you doing today that will make tomorrow’s business better, more successful? Are you fulfilling promises today that you made yesterday? Are you checking off items on your to do list right now that you created before you finished yesterday? Do you have tomorrow’s list started? Good, I thought you did!!

At this point, you’re probably wondering “Hey, I thought we were talking about tomorrow — all you did was ask questions about yesterday and today”.

Let’s continue with the beginning in mind — yesterday and looking back. The common line of thinking when the subject of yesterday comes up in conversation is all about mistakes we’ve made. Because we’re being original here, let’s take an inventive approach. Let’s think of the things we did that were right and good yesterday and repeat them today. Repeat them tomorrow. Tweak them everyday and build up to the point that we can’t wait to get them on tomorrow’s to do list. What could that be you say? Well, it could be something as simple as answering the phone in a slightly more cheerful manner. Could even be getting one more handwritten thank you note out to a special customer. Maybe arriving ten minutes earlier than required and getting some emails finished and out-of-the-way.

Spend a few reflective moments and write down two things you did yesterday that were good for business. We’ll refer to them as “past positives”.

Past positives are your secret weapon. Using your secret weapon over and over actually sharpens it.

When you identify and repeat your “past positives” day after day, week after week, month in and month out, from them you’ll learn new truths about yourself and your business. This is what results – new energy will emerge forth into your business right away – TODAY. New energy gives our business new life. New energy brings excitement, current customers acting as ambassadors and bringing us new customers.

Use your secret weapon to breathe new life into your business – TODAY, TOMORROW and MANY YEARS TO COME!!

Mary Theresa McLean is an entrepreneur, small business specialist in marketing and a small business coach. She has been self-employed since October 28, 1983.

A deep understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and a deep love for those who have that mindset puts her at a unique advantage to advise anyone at any age on how to get to the next level of expertise in their chosen enterprise.

Contact her: [http://www.MorningToMidnightMarketing.com] for free business coaching.

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