3 Benefits to Having a Job While Growing Your Business

There are many individuals who have the luxury of quitting their job to pursue their dream and then there are those of us, like me who still need to pay their bills.

Your heart may be breaking because all you want is to commit yourself 100% to working in and on your business but your head knows you need a steady paycheck and a longer path to full time solo entrepreneur.

I used to be angry and get jealous about all of the people I encountered who were living their dream. I was resentful because I had obligations that wouldn’t allow me to pursue my passion full time. I daydreamed that I could work only a few hours a day doing work that fed my soul and that the rest of the time I was going to yoga, preparing healthy meals for my family, heading to the kids sports and school events and having a relaxed date night with my hubby each week.

It made me upset when I woke from my daydream and realized that I needed to work hard in my day job and even harder in my business. That is until the day I realized that there were a few benefits to having my job. Once I discovered them I used them all to my advantage and I want to share them with you so you can too.

Benefit #1: Less Money Stress

You know the individuals who quit their job before they have enough clients? After a short time they realize that they can’t pay their bills. Fear sets in and they make rash vs. strategic decisions. When you have a job in most cases you’ll have some discretionary income to invest in your business and yourself. You can make decisions easier than if you must watch every penny that goes out and comes in. You can also hire the better coaches, consultants and training programs to help you build your business faster.

Benefit #2: Reinvest In Yourself

Hiring mentors and coaches, attending trainings and workshops are essential for any new business owner. You may think you know everything but I’m going to tell you that you don’t. One of the best things I did was to invest in my success. The first year of my business nearly all the money I made I purposely reinvested in my myself by hiring people to help me get to where I am today. Others choose to make the leap from their job, start their business and struggle to find clients and the money to invest in themselves. I teach my private clients exactly how to do what I’ve done and why it’s so very important to a strong business foundation. I don’t want to be a failure statistic and I don’t want my clients to either. Reinvesting while you’re still working sets you up for greater success.

Benefit #3: Time

Yes, it seems counterintuitive because most people think they have less time when they have a job and a business to manage. But the benefit to those who have both is that they will use it more wisely than those with far more time on their hands. There is also another benefit to time which is that you can use it for an adjustment period. You can transition with ease from your job to your business. In my private client work I see that there are many people who don’t do well with the transition. I equate it to having a baby. In the beginning you think it’s a brilliant idea but then you realize that you need to give birth. After nine months of adjusting to your body, preparing for the baby to arrive and doing a great deal of research, you finally feel that when your water breaks you won’t nearly be as petrified. It’s the same with a business. You can ease into far more gracefully when you’ve gone through the transition phase.

Assignment: If you’re still working your job while growing your business, instead of getting wrapped up in the what if’s, try to look at the bright side. What are the benefits of you still working? How is it actually helping you reach your dream?

Your Turn:

Are you growing your business while still on the job? I’d love to know how you’re handling it. Are you taking it in stride or desperately trying to make an exit? Have you found any benefit to keeping your job while you’re building? 

Jeannie Spiro, The Employee to Solopreneur Breakthrough Mentor, teaches professional employees and those who have left the corporate grind how to start their solo business, attract their ideal clients, develop multiple streams of income, and create the life of their dreams. For FREE tips on how to create and expand your own solo business, even if you’re still on the job, visit [http://ShesConfident.com]

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