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2012 Small Business Trends

Okay so, 2012 is an interesting year for small business, mostly because the economy seems to be expanding, no not much, 1 to 2% growth in GDP is about all, […]

3 Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

New business ventures can often be tempted to break into a market by offering the lowest priced goods and services. Unfortunately, this strategy can have disastrous effects because, if you […]

10 Benefits of Operating Your Dog Walking Business From Home

If you’re just starting out and working on building your dog walking business the best place to set up shop for most will be your home. Here is a quick […]

3 Keys to Successful Client Relationships

There are several key factors we need to keep in mind as we make these decisions and these come from our clients! Key 1: Problem Solving. Do we understand what […]

10 Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Business

Business owners work hard over the years to build a company and it is important to understand the drivers that are involved in maximizing this value when a business sale […]

3 Critical Things Small Business Owners Neglect

Introduction What are three critical things that small business owners and operators neglect? The first is not having a strategic and business planwhere they define the ultimate objective of the […]