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10 Investing Tips For Everyone

The stock market has been upward for months and everyone is interested in investing this year. Novice or seasoned investors of any background should take note on reviewing basic fundamentals […]

10 More Tips To Improve Your Business Cash Flow And Put More Money In Your Bank Account

Cash flow, as they say, is the lifeblood of any business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making thousands of cars a year or running a cafe business in a small […]

21st Century Telecommunications Services That Grow With Your Business

The phone is an essential tool for small business. It’s the way many customers form their first impression of your company, and is often the main communications channel between you […]

10 Ways to Fund or Grow Your Own Business

It’s a fact: Whether you own a business – or are thinking seriously of starting one – money to pay for even the most basic activities seems almost always limited. […]

2013 Fairs and Craft Show Trends

As the winter comes to an end, more and more crafters are starting to think about the upcoming fair and craft show seasons. Obviously, there is not just a “summer […]

10 Ways To Bid Good Riddance To Deferred Payments

Late payments are such a pain in the back. It hurts when you don’t have resources to carry the burden of your expenses and un-wantedly have to be dependent on […]

2010 Business Phones

Ever since the emergence of smartphones, the entire face of the business realm has changed. Although, PDA and other cell phones have enabled corporate users to stay in touch with […]

3 Key Factors That Make a Business Valuable

Intuitively the value of a business should reflect its attractiveness and the generation of profits or dividends for its owners. The fundamental basis of valuation is that: • The value […]

15 Ideas To Boost Your Sales Over The Holidays

Most of the time people buy out of emotional reasons. Because of this, things that pull on our heart strings tend to encourage us to buy more than usual. And […]

10 Business Must Do’s BEFORE the End of the Year!

By now many of you carved the turkey and enjoyed the last slice of pumpkin pie. In the United States, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a string of holidays, festivities, […]