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3 Simple Steps to Giving Clients Exactly What They Need

Top-notch salons and spas provide value by giving their clientele exactly what they need. Follow these steps to create offers your clients can’t refuse. 1. Learn about your clients Giving […]

3 Reasons Your Business Is Spending Too Much on Packaging

Finding the right materials to package your product can be a task that’s easy to overlook. Have you ever looked at how much money you’re spending on packaging? It’s very […]

3 Good Reasons To Upgrade to NFC (Smartphone) Payment Equipment

According to Apple™ CEO Tim Cook, since its introduction in October, Apple Pay™ has accounted for two of every three dollars spent through contactless payments on Visa™, MasterCard™, and American […]

3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Business

So what’s the problem? 1. The first problem is that your message is not clear and it doesn’t resonate with your audience. Basically you’re not tapping into the problem of […]

3 Key Elements to a Successful Beauty Business

There are three key elements to a successful beauty business. Take action on these three elements alone and see your business transform. Know Your Market When promoting your products and […]

3 Major Mistakes When Becoming Self Employed and How To Avoid Them to Speed Up Your Business Success

Avoiding mistakes will help to make the self employed become successful and these three are about the most common that are made in business, even business that have been going […]

10 Good Reasons Why Small Enterprises (Small Businesses) Fail

You’ll agree with me that there are so many small businesses which have contributed a lot to the growth of economy. They have created employment opportunities for many families although […]

10 Most Important Factors for Small Business SEO

The online space is changing constantly and every day there is a new product, platform or idea being created to attract and distract business owners. Whilst writing this article there […]

3 Ethical Steps to Building Your Yoga Business

Just last October I received a call from the BBC. It was about the business side of Yoga. The question was, ‘Should Yoga be marketed like a regular business? If […]