2012 Elections – Did The Small Business Person Get The Shaft Again?

Well, I’ve been following politics all my life, I even ran for public office a few times. I’ve always thought that politics are a horrible way to run such a great a great nation, much less even a city. Nevertheless, I realize that politics are involved in everything we do, and they are part of the national discussion, along with the policies we make. Everything affects everything else. Because I know so much about politics, and because now I’m so distrusting with it all, I rarely vote. Nevertheless, I realized the 2012 elections were probably one of the most important elections in the last three decades.

Therefore, I took my driver’s license and went into the local polling place to cast my provisional ballot vote. While there, I stood in line for about 45 minutes, waiting to use a single machine on the premises for all of the provisional voters. During this time I had conversations with two small business people. Having also been in business for myself my entire life I knew exactly what they were going through. They both looked tired, and had had a long day’s work. Nevertheless, they felt it was important to vote, and so they came in to cast their ballot.

One of them mentioned cryptically, because he didn’t wish other people to overhear his political persuasion, something to the effect that; “you didn’t build that,” after I explained that I have also been self-employed. We both laughed, and I explained that is why I was there voting, he said; “me too!” Well, at the federal level I doubt that the election turned out the way either of us had hoped for, and since we were both in California we realize that our vote probably didn’t count for much anyway. We live in a blue state, and it could be considered; dark blue.

Nevertheless, it was our vote, and our voice, and we wanted to make it count for something. I would submit to you that small business owners across this country felt the same way. They are tired of getting the shaft, being told they are somehow part of the 1% and are greedy. It is our business people that deliver to our society and civilization everything you see, everywhere you go. Everything was bought, sold, made, or delivered by a business, and each one of those businesses has someone behind the scenes working countless hours to make it happen.

They’ve already given back to society – they’ve worked their butts off – and well don’t tell me they don’t matter; they very much do. They are everything that is good and right about America. Still, I ask you; did the small business person get the shaft again during this 2012 election? It appears so because apparently we have left-leaning socialist-thinking leaders at the helm.

Although they may actually care about small business people, they certainly haven’t shown it, and that leaves all the small businesses in the entire nation wondering if they can make it and stay in business for another four years. Please consider all this and think on it.

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