2011 – Year of the Entrepreneur – “Let’s Innovate”

Its 2011 and I’m sure there are a million blogs and posts talking about “change”, “new habits” and “resolution” but I’ve been pondering one simple question these last few weeks “Why do customers chose my business over my competitors?” It seems like the age old question for successful business but I’ve talked to so many business owners that can’t answer the why of this and it is this question, if answered, that can carry your business to new heights in 2011.

If asked the question, “What if you could repeat an experience to your customers that would keep them returning to your business time and time again, would you do it?” you would easily say, “yeah great tell me more”, right? Well I don’t have a quick three step formula for instant success because as business owners we know they don’t work anyway but I do have one word that if applied correctly can dramatically change the way you do business and how your customers view you. That word is innovation. Innovation is the mechanism through which your business identifies itself in the minds of your customers and establishes its individuality. It is the direct result of a scientifically and quantifiably verified profile of your customers perceived needs and unconscious expectations.

Do you know what your customers need or why they chose you over another product or provider? Do you know what your customers expect to find when they visit your location or website? Have you thought to measure each phase of your sales process? Answering these simple questions can totally revolutionize the way you do business in 2011. Companies like FedEx, McDonald’s, IBM and Apple all know exactly why we buy from them, what keeps us coming back and what it is we expect from them. Have you ever thought how amazing it is that you go into a McDonald’s in Seattle or Beijing and you will get the exact same product every time? Why is that? Because McDonald’s knows what you expect and their business is making sure you, as the customer, get that same experience no matter which McDonald’s you visit. They’ve set the standard and meet your expectation every single time and finding out what your customers expect and making sure they get that same experience every time is vital to keeping them coming back for more and more.

Many businesses just fly by the seat of their pants never knowing what works and why. By answering these simple questions and introducing simple innovations you can totally transform your business from being whimsical to precise, from getting by to flying high. Let 2011 be your year.

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