2010 Business Phones

Ever since the emergence of smartphones, the entire face of the business realm has changed. Although, PDA and other cell phones have enabled corporate users to stay in touch with all the office work, emails, news and other related information, the 2010 smartphones are business phones that have outdated best suited phones for business users.

The following smartphones of 2010 are known to be equipped with impressive productivity tools, email capabilities and other connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSPDA etc and therefore, have been able to prove themselves as powerful business-phones this year.

The LG Expo is known to be one of the best smartphones for all corporate users today. This business phone is known to inculcate both power and style features and thereby, serves to be one of the most acclaimed business-phones in the market. With 3G technology in this PDA designed phone, touch screen, smart sensor fingerprint recognition, GPS, micro SD slot, Turbo-scroll; LG Expo has proved to be one such Windows Mobile that has every imaginable feature for a corporate user fan.

Nokia E72, though not a Windows Mobile, has numerous features that tend to make it a perfect and affordable smartphone for all business users. A digitally advanced and well-designed smartphone, it can be found in multiple colours. Its features include wireless interface, integrated digital compass and camera, text recognition, RDS, the user memory is up to 250MB with PC synchronization and other applications like MS Outlook, SynML etc. The messaging and data services are ample, along with many other impressive digital and multimedia features. Nokia E71 is also regarded as one of the 2010’s best business-phones.

Motorola Droid is another business phone that’s making waves in 2010. It is known to be the fastest and most powerful Google Android phone device in the market today. Even though, it has some issues pertaining to design as well other missing features, it inculcates a complete Android platform for all smartphone touch-screen fans nowadays. It is slider mobile with advanced wireless interface, and includes all Android market services equipped with GPS navigation system and other organizing features that together make it the most recommended 2010 Business Phone.

Blackberry Bold 9700 is one the first 3G Blackberry smartphones that are designed with more internal power and a much sleeker and impressive design. Even the iPhone 4 Generation is expected to be one of the most recommended 2010 business phones; however other smartphone fans would still counteract it.

Lastly, the HTC Touch Pro2 is a Windows Phone and a powerful smartphone that delivers premium performance and quality features. This is why most consumers regard it as the best business phone this year.

On a conclusive note, there are many smartphones that can be found in the market nowadays, but the aforementioned ones are the most commonly used and have outclassed many of their competitive devices. These are thereby easily regarded as 2010 business-phones by majority of corporate users.

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