2 Ways to Make Money With Other People’s Junk

First off, what is junk? This is something that nobody can accurately answer simply because one persons junk might be another person’s treasure. If you have a junk drawer I can almost guarantee you that I could make money from it and the reason is because people like to buy small items. If you think about what stores sell at the counter it is all small cheap things and the reason is because cheap items sell no matter what.

If you think you can’t earn money then you don’t know what I am talking about and you need to read this entire article at least twice. How you will make money is by taking the so called “junk” and selling it online (eBay or Craigslist). The reason you will use these two sites and only these two sites is because they work and you will sell ever item you put on there if you price it right.

2 ways to make money with other people’s junk

Clean their house – The first way is to clean a person’s house and take any items they don’t want. Usually people will call junk what you know will make money. For instance most people will throw away a T.V. remote when they don’t have the T.V. anymore or they have a new remote. This is your chance to jump in here and get the free remote and sell it on eBay for an easy $5 profit. When it comes to making money online don’t think in terms of huge profits, little profits are much more sustainable and will make you rich.

Sell in bulk – Another way to earn cash both online and offline is to sell in bulk. Most people don’t think of this because they just don’t have the necessary items, but if you can find them then you can sell them. More and more businesses are deciding to buy in bulk since they can get a bigger discount and their profit margin is higher. Just know that when you sell in bulk the items need to be similar if not the exact same and the reason is because businesses won’t buy things they can only sell 1 of because it would be too much for accounting purposes and paperwork.

As you can see these are just 2 easy ways to earn money from other people’s junk and there are plenty more of ideas out there.

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