2 Successful Advertising Strategies

In today’s business world you cannot really have a successful business without implementing successful advertising strategies. You’re not going to “word of mouth” your way to big business triumph. You’ve decided to start a business and you’ve told your friends family and associates; you have a business plan but some things are missing. Implementing an advertising budget and advertising will prove to help your business if done properly. For instance you may not be running commercials at primetime or during the super bowl, but you can send a piece in the neighborhood valuepak. Let’s outline two online successful advertising strategies you can begin using or using correctly for your business starting today!

One of my favorite methods of advertising is direct mail. Direct mail, be it for direct marketing, home business, MLM, small business, or big business is still one of the absolute most affective methods of marketing and advertising. In direct marketing, the most important thing is to get the prospects attention. Normally with glossy manicured mail pieces advertisers are terribly dropping the ball. The prospect picks up the piece and they really have to be in a great mood to suggest any action. With direct mail, you want to be “direct.” Whatever you are offering in the most ecstatic way you have to say it and get them to take your desired action. Numbers have shown that the plainer the advertising piece, the better the results in terms of conversions.

The second successful advertising strategy is good for the days we are living in now. The world currently has over 5 billion (with a B) mobile phone users worldwide, with 91% of them keeping their cell phones with them all day long. We then know that 97% of all text messages sent are looked at and read. Today more than ever, more people are smart phone users, so they have access to web viewing and surfing everywhere they go. So it behooves business owners to get themselves in front of these people right away and all day. It really does not matter what type of business you’re in, mobile marketing or mobile advertising is a plus and must. And it is not as expensive as you would think or be made to believe.

These are two methods of advertising that hot-shot and smart marketers are incorporating into their businesses every day. A direct mail piece and mobile advertising are 2 successful advertising strategies you can learn and implement or you can hire out for and have done for your business. It will certainly give you a leg up on the competition and communicate with your customers better and easier. Be sure to read the bio box below for additional tips and information before you leave.

Due Daniels

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