2 Quick Small Business Advertising Tips

If you’ve ever wanted to know some quick tips for making your small business advertising more effective, here’s a quick article to help you with just that.

First, always ensure your advertising is “targeted”. What I mean by that is that you should always have a particular type of person in mind that you want to respond to your advertising. Let’s say you’re a landscaper and you want to try to get into some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in your area.

An easy thing you can do with your ads is to write a headline specifically for THOSE residents. For example:

“For Residence of Southwestern Estates – Here’s How You Can Get FREE Lawn Care for Six Months WITHOUT Excessive Maintenance Fees…”

When people in that particular neighborhood see your ad, it’ll catch their attention and make them want to read because it’s specifically FOR THEM. You can use this same tactic when targeting businesses, organizations, clubs, etc. Use your imagination and think through how you can use this strategy to your advantage.

The next thing you can do is ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER.

This is KEY.

Any advertising, specifically for small business owners should be designed to get people to respond. If you’re not getting people to respond to you ad, you’re not getting any business.

So what you want to do is ensure you’re making someone an offer to try to get them to respond. The key is to make it so ‘irresistible’, and so compelling – they simply can’t resist.

Here’s an example:

“Attention Las Vegas Tourists – If You’d Like To Know How To Get A $1,500 Penthouse Suite Room For Only $299 Per Night, Respond To This Ad By December 31, 2010 To Take Advantage Of This Special Offer…”

In this example, notice how the headline is specific to a targeted group of people. But what’s more important is the OFFER.

The offer is incredibly good! you can get a $1,500 Penthouse suite for only $299. Think about this for a second…

How many tourists in Las Vegas do you think would take advantage of this offer? How many people who love to party until the wee hours of the morning would be interested in this?

If your guess is like mine, the answer is LOTS.

So think about that when you put together your small business advertising. Think about who you’d like to work with, then give them an irresistible offer to think about.

Chances are – you’ll be much busier in the future and much more profitable.

Lee Smith is a direct response copywriter and marketing specialist who’s unconventional, yet highly-effective marketing strategies and copywriting talents have been utilized by business owners on a local and national level. If you’d like to receive his free tips and a FREE 5-part course that shows you specifically how to increase the response to your marketing pieces and increase sales, visit his website at [http://www.smithwritingsolutions.com]

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