2 Indispensable Tactics To Promote Your Business Through Speaking

As a starting entrepreneur, you probably realized by now how speaking about your service to groups can be a very effective way to promote yourself and reach a wider base of prospects. You do not need to be a professional speaker to do that. You only need to know the essential components that would hold your audience attention and spur them to action.

Whenever you come in front of a crowd to promote your business you have to make sure your speech include the following 2 indispensable components. Ignore them at your perils and integrate them into your speech and watch your fan list soaring.

1- Establishing Credibility

If you are starting out, chances are the majority of the audience has not heard about you before. They will ask themselves why should I listen to this person? So you have to be prepared with a persuading answer to this question. You should give compelling reasons for your audience to listen to you. There are many ways to build credibility with the audience. One of the most important ways is to share with the audience solid results that you have achieved with previous clients. You can even add in your presentation a couple of client testimonials that prove the valuable service you provide in clients own words. The minute you do this, your audience will start saying, if other people can trust this person with their money, so he/she must be doing something really valuable. That is when they lower their guard and start listening carefully to you and what you have to offer

2- Story Telling

You have probably heard it before that stories are the most effective way to communicate ideas. People forget ideas, but remember stories. A story has the potential to keep the audience engaged and raise their span of attention. A story well told can make the audience remember you for years. You need to integrate stories in your speech wherever possible. Some people ask me: what if I ran out of stories: can I use the stories of others? The answer is: the beauty of the story telling technique is its uniqueness.

If you tell the stories of others you will not say it with the same passion they do, plus you have to give others credit for their own stories. If you feel you run out of stories, tell your own story. How did you reach where you are now? What are the challenges you face? What worked and what did not work? Keep a note with you wherever you go and write in it observations, anecdotes, or behavior of people around you. These can be very useful resources to help you weave a compelling and unique story of your own to present whenever you are in front of audience.

Wessam is an entrepreneur coach and the First Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in the Middle East. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their own successful service businesses.


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