15 Ideas To Boost Your Sales Over The Holidays

Most of the time people buy out of emotional reasons. Because of this, things that pull on our heart strings tend to encourage us to buy more than usual.

And holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have been known to make us spend the most money of all.

My question is, why should the big box stores be the only ones that increase their profits during the holidays?

Below, are 15 ways that you can reel in more sales during the holidays – so that you too can profit greatly and receive some holiday cheer.

1. Dress up.

First we need to catch their attention. To pull the heart strings of our customers to come our way – we need to create a holiday atmosphere at our place of business.

Here are a few ideas how we can do this:

  • Decorate- Add holiday decorations to your store, website, emails, etc. to put people in the holiday mood.
  • Emphasize family- In your advertisements, emails and specials – emphasize the benefits for the whole family.
  • Kids rule- Since kids rule during the holiday – add things that will attract children like holiday candy or have someone dress up like the Easter bunny or Santa to greet the kids.
  • Charity tie-ins- Let all your customers know that a portion of any money they spend will go to a particular charity.
  • Get creative- use fancy slogans like, “12 Days of Holiday Products.” Or “Treat Yourself During the Holidays…” etc.

2. Make holiday offers.

People expect offers during the holidays. Why not make them offers they cannot refuse?

If you can afford it, give them some of the best offers for the year. This could be:

  • Discounts of 15 – 40% off.
  • Bundled items- packages with multiple items for a low price.
  • Small gifts- provide small items for low prices.
  • Last minute shopping items- Have great discounts for those last minute shoppers (commonly men).

3. Encourage them to come back.

The statistic is that there is a 50 – 80% chance that your previous customers will buy from you again. Why not use the holiday as a reason to reactivate a buying relationship with you?

Here are a few ideas that can bring your previous customers back into your stores – and get them buying again.

  • Send them a card- though we may think people get too many of these – your customers appreciate them just the same.
  • Give them a gift- send them a small token to let them know you care.
  • Throw them a party- have a holiday customer appreciation party.
  • Ask them to donate- have a charity run where they have to come to the store to donate toys, gifts, etc.
  • Send them a gift card for your store- This way when they come to use it, they can purchase other items as well.
  • Give them a coupon for future purchases- Send them a discount coupon that they can use now or later that will motivate them to buy.

Most big stores make most of their money during the holidays: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My question is, why should they have all of the holiday fun?

Use this opportunity to increase your holiday profits, so that you too can have a season full of great cheer.

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