13 Solid Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Quality Website

1. Your Competitors Have Websites.

If you’re in direct competition with other businesses that have a website, those other businesses have a distinct advantage, especially when they are effectively promoting that website.

2. Be Competitive on a Greater Scale.

Having a website as part of your online presence helps you compete with larger businesses within your industry minus the overhead expenses. On the web, a small business is the same size as a large corporation when the small business web design is professionally done and the content is valuable to your readers.

3. Bolster and Improve Customer Relations.

Directories, Yellow Pages ads and physical printed materials are being used less as time goes on. Your website can fortify customer relations by making your small business readily and easily accessible utilizing the strength of your internet presence. A great small business web design will enhance customer confidence and your corporate image.

4. Boost Customer Confidence & Corporate Image.

An impressive and professional website will generate customer confidence and also will significantly build up your overall image. The greatest benefit of having a website online is, naturally, brand image, but by having that image online with the right content, your website will also instill trust in both your current customers as well as your prospects.

5. Increase Customer Options by Taking Credit Cards Payments.

Using your website, it is possible to process credit card transactions online. This is a definite advantage to customers who wish to easily and quickly pay for their orders. This is good for everyday commerce but is particularly helpful for businesses that offer delivery or pick up options for their products. The transaction can be complete with a receipt in your customer’s hand prior to delivery. If your customer is picking up an order, they can easily have their receipt in hand to make the transaction both smooth and fast.

6. Market Globally, Not Just Locally.

The majority of small businesses can only market and sell to their town and bordering communities. Using a website, you are able to bring your products or services across the U.S. and round the entire world, if you choose to do so.

7. 24/7 Service for Your Customers.

This sounds like a lot more work for you, but in reality, it is a huge plus. Using e-mail, consumers can easily get in touch with you whenever it’s best for them. You’ll be able to respond whenever it’s practical for you. When you’ve got a website, prospective customers can discover and learn about your service and products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. Enhanced Customer Support.

When your business is online, you can provide tailored support to your clients and customers using answers to frequent questions and offer help and support for specific services or products. You can also offer a variety of methods in which you may be contacted. Online, you can carry all this out without hiring additional staff.

9. Easily Change and Update Goods and Services At Low Cost.

Those businesses that have published paper brochures and catalogs know how expensive and difficult it can be to make changes for publication. WIth a small business web design that you can manage, ading new products or services is both convenient and inexpensive.

10. Use Specials and Sales to Increase Traffic.

Want to advertise a special sale or discounted offer? Do you have items over stock that have been marked down for quick sale? You can easily post a notice on your website advertising the sale.

11. Global Impact with Foreign Language Support.

Why limit your offerings to English speakers only? Your website can be translated into any language or languages you like, thereby offering more choices to users. Offering information in different languages can increase your exposure and your profits.

12. Generate Even More New Customers.

Based on reports from the Small Business Administration, 50% of online sales come from new customers. Having your own business website significantly improves your customer reach regardless of what products or services you’re offering up.

13. Small Businesses with an Online Image Generate Higher Revenues.

As reported by the Small Business Administration, small businesses which have websites average $1.07 million each year in sales over and above small businesses not online. That equals 39% higher revenue for your business.

Overall, you can see that a small business with a strong online presence has a distinct advantage over those with no website. If you’re thinking of having a
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