10 Free Web Resources That Will Save You Time And Money

How would like a few quick solutions to help you save time and money?

If you’re like me, in this economy, any money you can save can really make a difference. Below I have listed 10 resources you can use that will quickly save you time, and reduce your expenses – which will result in more money in your pocket.

10 Free Resources That Can Save You Time and Money

1.Outright.com – One thing that is necessary for your business is bookkeeping. How would you like to automate your bookkeeping so that you get your finances in order, without having to hire a bookkeeper?

Outright.com is the solution for you. It automatically takes all your expenses and deposits and organizes them for you. It also generates financial reports to help see how your business is financially, prepares a report for your CPA, and reminds you when your quarterly taxes are due.

2.Zoho Invoice – Collections is a major part of your business, and consumes a lot of time. Why not automate your collections with an automated invoice program?

Zoho invoice lets you set up automatic invoices, stores customer information, and sends out automatic notices to remind your customers to pay.

3.Bookeo – If you are like me you schedule a lot of appointments. And going back and forth trying to pick the best times to meet can waste a lot of time.

You can save lots of time with this FREE online appointments scheduler. It sends your customers your schedule and allows them to pick the time that is available. It syncs with your own calendar and sends out confirmation reminders to your customers too.

4.Mailchimp – If you are tired of sending one email at a time – or do not want to spend the money monthly for an email service…then Mailchimp is for you.

Mailchimp is free for up to 2000 contacts in your database, and helps you with a user friendly way to send emails to your database. It also tracks your emails to let you know who opened it and who did not. It also has many other cool features like sharing your email campaigns with your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

5.Jing – How would you like to save tons of time training your employees or helping your customers with their questions? Jing.com allows you to make 5 minute screenshot videos that you can use as instructional videos for your staff, or your customers. Though it is not free – it is as cheap as you can get ($15 per year).

6.Dropbox – If you are considering getting a server to network all your computers together – or paying someone an arm and a leg to do it, think again. Dropbox allows you to network everyone of your computers, as well as sync any changes you make – all for FREE. It can also act as an outside server so that you don’t have to buy one.

7. Zoho CRM – If you want to manage all of your leads, potential clients and accounts – this is by far the best in customer relationship management.

My favorite part aboutZoho CRM is the ability to redesign the service according to my needs. The reports it generates are pretty neat too. All for FREE.

8.LogMeIn – Why spend all of your time in the office? WithLogMeIn you can access your office computer from any other computer – anywhere out in the field.

This is great for those business owners who are on the field and need access to an office computer program or file.

9. Google Voice – If you do not have a Google Voice number – its time to get one.Google Voice gives you a free number that will direct all your calls to whatever phone you need it to.

My favorite part is that it transcribes your messages (not perfect but acceptable) so that you can read your message instead of hearing the entire thing.

10. Google Keyword Tool – If you are interested in knowing what key words are used by the majority of your customers (for search engine optimization) -Wordstream is the best tool available.

In conclusion, if you can save a little time and money in each of these areas – it adds up… providing you with more profits in the long run. And in this economy you can use all the time and money you can get.

Will Pena, MBA is the founder of a
http://www.sapientbizsolutions.com”>small business consulting company, Sapient Business Solutions Inc – specializing in helping small businesses to get more customers, close more sales and make more money in as little as 30 days.

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