10 Client Attraction Strategies to Massively Better Your Business

If you want your business to be successful, you need to employ the right strategies to be able to generate more prospective clients to your site so that you can eventually get more sales. The success of your business depends on how you are able to effectively attract clients for your business.

Attracting clients doesn’t just mean traffic, it means, the right kind of people you want to work with. It means when someone shows up at your business, whether online or offline, they can totally relate to your message because you have mixed the “right” message to your ideal audience.

Here are the top 10 strategies to massively Better Your Business

1. Refine your marketing plan. Review your marketing mix and ensure that you have a good product that is priced competitively and packaged attractively. Have an understanding of the demographic that will be most likely buy from you.

Know your target market so you can attract more clients, such as their spending power, their age, lifestyle or overall demographic.

Know who your clients are so you can cater and customize your product and business marketing plan to them. The better you know your market the clearer you will speak to them. Make sure you are speaking from a place that is deep within you so it is represented from that place of authenticity.

2. Improve the interface of your website. A website that is easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Each page shouldn’t be too busy that it becomes distracting. If your website is aesthetically pleasing and isn’t arduous to navigate, you can be attracting clients in no time. Your site should be professional looking, free of typos and grammatical errors and the information must be updated and accurate. The graphics and pictures you use must be related to the type of image your business wants to project, and are related to the type of products you are trying to market.

Graphics are becoming almost important as your marketing message. We live in such a faced paced world; we are now looking for more creative. Isn’t that exciting?

3. Have a good product. Give your clients something new. If you are selling items online, provide good, clear and well-detailed pictures of them. There should be an accurate description of the item. What you advertise should be exactly what you deliver to your clients so your customers will become repeat buyers and will refer your site to others.

By doing Step 1 above “full out” without taking shortcuts, this step will be a breeze because you will know exactly what your customers/clients are asking for.

4. Advertise effectively. Don’t rely on the Internet only. Use other media to promote your site. Your business card and all paraphernalia should have your website. Place ads in magazines and newspapers read by your specific target market to attract more clients.Ask your existing clients for referrals by providing a “send this link to a friend” option.

The biggest thing you can do, on every piece of your marketing, be sure you have a Call To Action!

5. Provide outstanding customer service. If you want to increase client attraction and client retention, have an excellent reputation for customer service. Most businesses are not focusing on this at all.It is more important what you do with your customer after the sale a lot of times than getting the sale. After the sale service should also be outstanding.

It must be easy for your customers to contact the site if there’s a problem and you must provide a quick and adequate response. Returns should be hassle free.

6. Join other forums to talk about your site. Self promote your business. Join social network sites to generate publicity and interest for your business. Make sure you have a “call to action”.

7. Provide links to your site. Exchange links with related websites to get more clients to come to your site. Be careful that you only link with sites that can help attract the type of clients you want to work with to your business.

8. Use keywords. Search engine optimization will help in attracting more clients since your search ranking will increase, thereby making it easier for customers to find you.

9. Keep your business updated. Offer new items on a regular basis to keep the interest on your site high. Your clients want what you have for them. Continuously make offers and stay in front of your herd.

10. Do promotions and contests. Give your customer something extra to help attract more clients. Have a sale or giveaway freebies or sample items to regular customers. Choose your front end product or something irresistible, which is a heavily advertised item that will generate interest in your site, so that you can cross sell other items and help in client attraction.

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